The Dance Center



At no. 41 Temple Street, in the heart of the Paris Marais, a porch leads the visitor into the courtyard of a mansion: A Dance Center makes vibrate the neighborhood!


It’s a total experience in an unusual place!
For nearly 50 years, a city within a city lives to the rhythm of the music and dance: never of silence…
From 9 to 22 h dance, play, singing!
A hundred professors teach nearly 70 disciplines. The historic walls of this large building are thinking that way to the sound of the Flamenco and African drumming.
In a perpetual movement intersect dancers of all levels and all ages broken dance classic or willing to travel: African dance, contemporary, Jazz, Salsa, Funk, Hip-Hop…
Opera voices mingle with the jazzy flights. The body breathe, relax and recharge.
Shakespeare, Goldoni and Molière‘s are also given appointment.


Attracting hexagonal and international peoples, the Center radiates a force and an energy unique.
The magic of the place operates on all who come in this Court.
Dancer or simple Walker shared the soul of the dance of the Marsh Center.